Landscape & Garden Drainage Solutions Cardiff


WaterLily Landscapes can improve your garden – and help your property comply with building regulations, with our expert knowledge in Garden drainage systems and solutions.

We can fit an effective drainage network under your lawn or garden in order to take away any surface water that lies after heavy rain, so come winter your gorgeous new garden won’t resemble a swamp!

Eco Drains can be installed along patios or driveways, collecting rain water before it reaches your lawn or house, however, French drainage systems can help stop your lawn becoming sodden by redirecting the rain water elsewhere in your garden, this is a natural soak away leaving your garden dry and usable without adding extra water into the normal drainage system.

What are the advantages?

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services You can build them from eco-friendly materials

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services They don’t require major groundwork – just a channel where you need them

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services They help prevent pressure on the local system of drains and sewers

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services Helps dry the lawn quickly after heavy rain and diverts the water to flower beds or plated areas that require a lot more water

We understand the varying needs and demands of modern landscaping and also have the experience to make expert recommendations for best results. We analyse the existing drain channels and system and get to the root of the problem, offering the best ways, garden drainage tips & advice as well as methods to get rid of your garden drainage issues.

We have over 30 years of experience in rectifying badly designed gardens with poor drainage. Sometimes your house is built close to an easily flooded river or built on hard ground that either gets saturated or does not allow the drainage of excess water.

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