Bespoke Driveway Design and Installation Service Cardiff

A new driveway can add thousands of pounds to the value of your home. Whether it’s paved, gravel or created in resin, we work with you to install a driveway which reflects the style and period of your home.

At WaterLily Landscapes we strive to create truly stunning entrances to your home, with satisfaction guaranteed.  Our 5 stage process will ensure you are completely blown away by your new breathtaking entrance to your home.

Driveway by WaterLily Landscapes

Driveway Types We Can Provide:

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services Asphalt Drives – This maybe one of the cheapest way to pave your driveway. It’s a misconception that asphalt is an insubstantial material. Properly laid out and maintained   an asphalt driveway could last up to 20 years. An asphalt driveway is perfect for houses located in cold weather as it will not break down when exposed to ice or salt. It might not be the best choice for houses in warmer climates and where there is a lot of rain for asphalt tends to breakdown in the hot sun and softens in too much rain.

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services Block paving – Block paved drives are durable and stunning, Paved roads dating back centuries are still intact and usable proving that brick paving is the most durable of driveway material. If a block breaks, then it’s easy enough to change the busted piece. The downside of brick paving is that it’s quite expensive and time consuming to do. However, if you have the resources for a brick driveway, why not?

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services Concrete imprinted Drives –  Colour additives are put into the concrete mix while being mixed. The colour pigment is added to the concrete mix that even if chipping occurs, the colour is ingrained to the concrete. There is a whole wide range of choices: cobalt blue, terra cotta, Spanish gold, brick red, plum, pewter and more. You can even order custom-made pigments if you want. You can “stamp” or “texture” your plain pigmented concrete to make it more interesting.

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services Gravel drives – A gravel driveway or natural stone driveway could give your landscaping a general rustic look. This is best used for long driveways out in the country where you won’t have to worry about loose gravel hitting other cars or people as your drive out of your garage. This is not a good material too for driveways that are inclined for the loose gravel will have the tendency to slide down a wet slope.

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services Resin – Resin and aggregate driveways are fairly resistant to weeds as well as oil spillages, they do not fade in Ultra Violet light and are relatively low maintenance, making them a great choice for a long lasting, cost effective entrance to your home.

WaterLily Landscapes Garden construction services Cobblestone Drives – If you are interested in using pavers for your driveway, and you want to install the most durable material, your first consideration should be cobblestone pavers. In fact, a cobblestone paver driveway can stand up as well as any other material used. What’s more, they create a unique and “old world” look, which can really add charm and value to a nice home.